New Jersey Deaf Housing

NJDH President Kathy Kady-Hopkins to Resign

  • March 2, 2020

Longtime Board Member Lucinda Brooks Named Acting President
KEARNY NJ 2/28/20 With regret, the Board of New Jersey Deaf Housing has accepted the resignation of our president, Kathy Kady-Hopkins, effective February 29, 2020, at the end of her 2-year presidential term. Kathy joined the Board four years ago and became president in 2018. Since that time, she has assembled a multi-faceted Board, developed valuable community connections, marketed the organization professionally, and fundraised prudently and profitably, always with our bigger mission in sight. Because of Kathy’s leadership, NJDH’s goal of providing affordable housing for New Jersey’s Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind and Late Deafened is no longer a “dream” but rather a very realistic mission.

As the owner of a business closely connected to the Deaf community, Kathy is under advisement that her presence as a member or officer of the NJDH Board creates a personal conflict of interest. While she can no longer be on the Board, she plans to continue her involvement with NJDH as an advisor and will remain active in our housing initiative. We are grateful for the time, energy and commitment Kathy shared with the Board and all those who have worked toward our goal.

Until a new president is elected, the Board welcomes longtime member Lucinda Brooks as Acting President.