New Jersey Deaf Housing

NJDH Update November 2023

  • November 15, 2023

NJDH continues to work on getting housing in NJ for the Deaf, deafblind and Hard of Hearing.  It is a long and difficult job.  Many other states also have had a long wait. We see their success and become impatient. NJDH is working on 3 potential locations

  1.  NJDH continues to work with the State of NJ to get approval to renovate and convert the MKSD vacant former dormitory, Building 24, into about 25 apartments. NJDH is erative but the State agencies delay and have poor communication. NJDH has been working for 4 years with people from the MKSD and the NJ Department of Education (DOE).  NJDH has the good support of State Senator Anthony Bucco.
  2. Last August 14, 2023, NJDH met with the NJ DOE, Chief of Staff Julie Bunt and Joe Vitelli, Treasurer, The teleconference was about how to move forward to the next step to renovate Building 24.  The application for renovation has gone through all the NJ State departments needed and all have agreed the renovation is able to be approved. However, Dr. Bunt told NJDH told us we would have to do this again to get a contract.  It will take at least another year or so to go through all these departments.  There were concerns with the past tenants and the security of the students that NJDH answered.
  3. NJDH met with developer Triple C Housing (TCH) to work on some possibilities of new locations in Bayville and Dunellen locations. Each location would have 8 apartments with a common area for socializing. We will be sending a survey requesting your opinions on the locations. TCH is a NJ developer that has built and managed supportive housing in NJ.

NJDH has reconnected with the Capital Cardinal Management developer about the possibility of 20-25 units in Flemington. CCM and NJDH worked together for more than 12 years searching for property in NJ. There are some environmental issues about a small stream on the Flemington property which CCM is addressing.  CCM has built Deaf housing in Wisconsin, Arizona, and New Mexico.

NJDH is very pleased that in October 2023, NJAD awarded Dr. Jane Cyran, Treasurer of NJDH, the Distinguished Service Award for the passion and loyal support of Deaf housing and the Deaf community. NJDH thanks NJAD and hopes for continued success in working towards the goal of housing in NJ for the Deaf.